What Is The Good Life?

When I talk about the Good Life many people think many different things. It is time to clear out the vagueness because I have something very specific in mind that I want to achieve with this blog. The Good Life is a life where you fulfill your whole potential. This goes far beyond your potential for business success and materialistic gains. These are the 8 pillars of the Good Life:

The 8 Pillars.

Autonomy & Responsibility – You become independent and self-sufficient in all your needs. You take 100% responsibility for yourself and watch out for sneaky excuses.

Understanding, Insight & Open-Mindedness – You seek to understand yourself, society, psychology, business, politics, emotions, science, spirituality and everything else that you encounter in your life. You question where others don’t. You connect the dots and care for the big picture. Instead of being stuck in old believes and prejudices, you open your mind to new ideas, even if they are uncomfortable.

Development, Learning & Embodiment – You seek to develop yourself, broaden your horizon, and grow in every aspect possible. You lay down your fear of the unknown and venture into new terrain, mentally and physically. You commit yourself to embodiment of the Good Life, not just talking about it.

Commitment, Patience & Discipline – You commit yourself to this lifelong project of developing yourself. You learn patience with yourself, and set ambitious, yet reasonable expectations. You understand that nothing of value is for free. You commit to put in the hard work and the productive suffering that is required to make real change happen.

Contentment, Gratitude & Love – You are content with the world and yourself. You are thankful for the life you have. You love existence, even if it is difficult.

Purpose – There is a cause to which you pledge yourself. You give your life meaning and a specific purpose where you invest your energy and time. This is where you ground yourself. You use your all your individual abilities to achieve something beyond survival and reproduction. This purpose serves not only you, but others as well.

Creativity, Integrity & Kindness – You express yourself as you are. By removing cultural programming and external expectations, you live how you want to live. You listen to the compass inside. You are not bound by social conditions, but true to yourself. You do this a conscious way, not at the expense of others. You respect others in their boundaries and do not harm them by your selfishness. You manifest yourself in the world with the good of others in mind.

Health – You care for your body, mind and spirit. You see that health is fundamental to a fully lived life. You nurture yourself and protect yourself from harm.

This is the life I want to have. This is the life I want you to have. I challenge you to master these 8 pillars and really make a change for the better. I hope the scope of this project intimidates you a bit. Because that means you finally think big enough.

My website HowToGoodLife.org is dedicated to this cause. I am assembling a comprehensive, big-picture guide on how make this life possible. Every resource you find there is for free and it is expanding every week. This is a matter of heart for me. I would love to see you joining me on this journey to our fullest potential. If you are striving for anything less, you are selling yourself incredibly short. There is so much more to see, to understand, to feel and to think.

It is in your power to solve every problem you have and will ever have. You have the capacity to become a never-ending source of joy for yourself and others. You can become someone, who leaves a serious dent for the better of all. Someone, who gives, instead of takes. You can lie smiling on your death-bed, knowing that you lived well. This can be you, this life can be yours.

The catch is, that you’re not going to get it for free. And you especially can’t buy it. It will require focused studying, intense introspection, the delaying of gratification and a mountain of productive suffering. Is that worth it to you?

I can’t do this work for you, no one can. What I can do, is provide you with a map. I can tell you where to look, where to question and where to put in the work. With this blog, I am assembling a comprehensive guide on how to live a good, fulfilled life. Deep, personally gained insights are the most valuable possessions a human can have. This blog serves as a platform to share my insights with you, so you might profit from them aswell.

Now venture forth to the blog and join me on a journey to the treasures of life. Subscribe now to the mailing list to be notified whenever I expand the blog. Also check out the older posts, they remain valid while time goes by.


Norman @ HowToGoodLife




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