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I wish I did come up with all the wise-sounding stuff I write about, but I didn’t.

Down here I am going to list all the books I read, at least those I deem useful, and other sources that influenced me in a positive way.  I try to derive as much insights for myself, but before me came many people much smarter and much wiser. I am gathering their knowledge and connect the dots. I am trying to connect, inform, help, deliver and make practicable, but I am no wise man. (yet)



The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck

M. Scott Peck was a revolutionary psychiatrist and this is a very powerful book. It was one of the first books on psychology / self-help I read, and it has influenced me greatly. Scott Peck teaches how to deal with the hardships of life in a mature way. He teaches us, to take responsibility for our well-being and not flinch away, when painful challenges arise. Instead of fleeing, he tells us to embrace struggle with open arms. This is how you mature emotionally. His understanding of neurotic behavior is deeply profound and very helpful. A must-read for every human, if you ask me! This is the book i have gifted the most to friends and family.



The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

Nathaniel Branden is a psychologist and the expert in the field of self-esteem. He has written a bunch of good books I heard, but this is his master piece. Good, balanced self-esteem brings so much joy and it should be a human right.  This book contains everything that you need to know about self-esteem. What facets true self-esteem is composed of and how to raise it in a sustainable, healthy way. It is both informational and very practicable. Read it, apply his principles of self-esteem, and the quality of your life will increase greatly!



Neti Neti Meditation by Andre Doshin Halaw

This small book contains the most potent form of meditation, I have ever encountered. The method of Neti Neti has been around for millenia, and that for good reason. If you are serious about meditation and want to gain deep insight into your own existential nature, this is the way to go. Neti Neti is not a relaxing meditation technique, it is a potent spiritual practice.




Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton Phd.

Oh boy, what an eye-opening book. You are full of shit. I am full of shit. Everybody is full of shit. Lies, everywhere! This book teaches us to quit the pretending, quit the lying. Not, because lying is “bad” and “immoral”, but because the constant lying wears so heavy on our psyche. When you finally reduce the amount of lies you produce, and align yourself with what is really true about yourself, you become so much more fulfilled. Lying might get you money, success, a sexual partner, but it will never give you fulfillment. Without honesty it is impossible, to have meaningful, deep relationships with others and you will always feel hollow and in-authentic.



Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson

We are own biggest obstacle on the way to a fulfilled, peaceful life. This book teaches a simple meditation and mindfulness practice, to finally detach yourself from the nagging, criticizing voice in the back of your mind. Rick Carson writes in a very heart warming style and breaks us out of our self construted mental prision.




The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida

A must-read for every person with a strong, masculine side. This book goes to the very core of masculinity and puts an end to the moronic western male stereotype of Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are a man and feel lost in life, hollow and without purpose, this is the way to go. David Deida is an expert in the dynamics between masculinity and femininity. If you struggle in your social life, especially with the opposite gender, get this book asap! This is not a cheesy pick-up-chicks-guide. This is real wisdom on being human.



The Book of Not Knowing by Peter Ralston

Spirituality is and always was corrupted by esoteric hogwash and ideology. Peter Ralston cuts through all this bullshit, and aims at true spirituality. Not a bunch of fancy stories, no man in the clouds, no after-life, but true spirituality. With that I mean a connection to your present, direct experience, beyond thought. He aims at “Being” in its purest form, stripped of all religious or ideological stories. This is a comprehensive guide to navigate the murky waters of the mind and arrive at genuine insight. If you are interested in non-bullshit spirituality, this is a must-read. There is a lot of material out there, that will lead you astray and fill you with all kinds of delusion and dogma. This book won’t.


Book Summary: Mastery by George Leonard

Mastery by George Leonard

Incredible book. As the title says, it is about the mastery process. It tells us how to escape mediocrity and reach top levels of performance. If you ever want to get good at anything you need to know about this concept. We have a very misguided understanding of the learning process which cripples our development. At first this seems abstract but if you are following my blog and are interested in self-development this is must-read. Even if you just interested in learning one certain skill, for example for your career, you need to know about the mastery process. If will make you very efficient in your learning.




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