Depression: Its Deceptive Nature.

When you are struck with a depressive episode you need to act quickly and decisively while remaining patient with yourself. Which is exactly what you cannot do when stuck in depression or anxiety. That’s why you need to be super patient with yourself and must get help from someone. It is not possible to handle a depression on your own. I said that before, but it is worth repeating.

We’re dealing with a tricky, self-prohibiting thing here. When you’re depressed the lens through which you see reality drastically changes. For the worst. But you are blind to this change while being depressed. Only in retrospect are you able to see what was going on. Your perceptions are literally being impaired and distorted by a dark, negative shade. Depression colors your thinking process and hides all hope and all meaning from you. This doesn’t mean, that all hope is lost. It just means that you can’t see it no more!

You need to realize, that your lens changed, but not the actual world. This will give you a leg up.  When depressed, we stumble from one swirl of worry, pain and fear to the next. This distracts and makes it hard to see, what is really going on, but it is possible. Breath deeply and get a glimpse of sunlight. Everything is fine, it just seems un-fine. Remind yourself of that fact, it may safe your life.

Depression comes with different symptoms. There is a deep lack of motivation, fear, anxiety, a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. Those are rather unpleasant. But there is one thing, that breaks people’s neck. This is what drives them into suicide and self-destruction: the vanishing of any hope. The present pain can feel overwhelming, yet the future outlook is what makes it so soul draining. You see no way out. There is nothing but pain and meaninglessness. You feel like there is nothing to do and no way to escape. You are stuck in black quicksand and it is sucking you down to hell. You freeze in despair.

Again, make the life saving distinction: You only perceives it as being that way. Things did not really change for the worst, just your interpretation did. You are being deceived! Your perception will turn back to normal and there are real, working action steps to get you there. It is not hopeless. You did not lose all your power. Grab this straw and hold it tightly!

If you are stuck in a depressive episode right now, check out my article Depression 101 – An Emergency guide.

You will find solid, practicable advice to get you back up on your feet. The battle is not lost, and neither are you. Things will change for the better, I promise. If you are having a very hard time right now, feel free to contact me through the contact form for some advice and bystanding.


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