The No. 1 Cause of Failure.

“Don’t overwork a willing horse”

— Russian Proverb

Thinking is easy. Giving advice is easy. Coming up with clever ideas on how to live a good life is easy. Following through on that advice, that’s hard. For example, take the concept of meditation. Meditation is not rocket science. You can boil it down to “sit down, shut up, see what happens”. Read my beginners guide on meditation and you’ll know everything to get started. It is simple. But it is not easy.

This goes for most self-development concepts. Usually you can get a pretty good idea of the topic within a short time. But the actual implementation into your daily life will literally take years and decades. Becoming a good meditator will at least take you 10 years of daily practice. Everybody who says something else is deluded. You need to set your expectations accordingly. Wrong expectations are the number one cause of failure. I can’t overstress how important this is. If you set your expectations wrong, you will become frustrated very quickly. It will feel like you are doing something wrong and then you quit. “Meditation just isn’t for me. I cannot still my mind even though I tried!”. Well, how long have you been trying? One week, one month? Of course you can’t still your mind in one month! Your mind has been an insane monkey since your childhood, you can’t expect to tame this beast in a few months or even in a few years. That’s why there is no need to get frustrated after a “bad” meditation session. You feel like your mind is going even more crazy after meditating? You feel like you’re not making any progress? Good, that’s how it is supposed to be. Keep going! The meditation learning curve looks something like this:

lernkurveRemember, this applies to many other ideas as well. I have fallen into this trap myself so much. Through the books that I am reading, I am accumulating a lot of information on how to live a good life. Of course, I try to implement that stuff as fast as possible but my expectations are usually horribly wrong. The problem is that the mind is so much faster than the rest of the human body. Just because you understood something on a thinking-level, doesn’t mean your body, your emotions and your unconscious mind have got it too. To change those, you will need a lot more time, a lot more energy and especially a lot more pain. Give yourself the time and space to adapt, to implement, to accept.

This applies especially to the ideas of these posts:


“Learning is not a child’s play, we cannot learn without pain”

— Aristotle

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